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Advantages of Airless Sprayers

Airless sprayers provide an easy and economical way to apply coatings. Professional contractors prefer to use airless sprayers for several reasons, the most popular being:

Speed—airless spraying is faster, thus, more jobs can be completed in less time, using less labor. Airless spraying is up to 10 times faster than brushing or rolling.

Quality—airless sprayers produce an even coat of paint on all types of surfaces, leaving a consistent and high quality finish.

Versatility—airless sprayers can be used for a wide range of coating materials, including interior and exterior jobs, and can easily be transported from job site to job site.


Research conducted by the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA), an association of painting contractors and related industry professionals, indicates that airless spraying can save painters between 50% and 75% of their painting time. Airless spray is:

• At least 10 times faster than brush applications
• At least 4 times faster than roller applications

Using a brush or roller application might seem cost-effect ive in the short-term,but in the long-run labor can cost at least twice as much!


Airless Spray for Uniform Coverage

It is important to consider how much faster spraying is compared to other methods. Equally important to your customer is how spraying gives a consistent quality finish, even over rough surfaces.

Airless spraying allows you to:

Finish jobs quicker
— Finish within short weather windows
— Stay on a job site from start to finish, saving set-up labor
Complete more jobs with less labor (fewer people headaches)
Provide a consistent mil build so coatings perform better
Apply a smooth quality finish