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The revolutionary PowrLiner 3500, gas powered sealed hydraulic striper. Built with technology that delivers a best in class stripe with sharp and consistent line quality on even the toughest surfaces. As a leader in spraying technology, Titan manufactures and markets a full line of professional-grade paint sprayers for applying a variety of coatings.

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The Titan PowrLiner™ 3500 is a high pressure diaphragm pump design unit.  The majority of line stripers on the market are piston style airless pumps.  The benefit of having a high pressure diaphragm pump design is that it has less wear components such as piston packings, piston shafts, or balls and seats that can be costly to repair if ever damaged.

The pump supports up to a 0.027” tip and provides up to a maximum of 3300 PSI. Additionally, it has a spray gun that can be easily removed for hand use, allowing you to paint curbs or buildings with a single unit. The higher PSI pump design and larger tip opening will allow you to spray thicker materials relative to lower cost units. The engine is a gas-powered Honda 4.0 Hp 120cc engine.

The Titan PowrLiner™ 3500 is a bit more expensive than budget striper units. However, it is designed to be a dependable regular striper for contractor duty. While a budget striper may cost $1,200 – $1,500 dollars, the lifetime warranty, larger tip size, and fewer maintenance items could make it a compelling choice if you are looking for a bit of extra longevity and want a more performance from your line striper.