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Problem Possible Issue Possible Solution
Sprayer won’t pump material lower intake valve is plugged
prime/spray valve is plugged
suction system is drawing air
inlet screen is plugged
manifold filter or gun filter is plugged
airlock in outlet valve
remove and clean out intake valve
open and close valve while flushing unit
tighten all fittings
clean or replace screen
clean or replace filter
take in for service
Inconsistent Pressure worn tip, or tip too large for sprayer
clogged filters or screens
intake valve plugged
intake ball is worn
paint around throat seal area
material too heavy for sprayer
inadequate power supply
sprayer not suitable for material
packings/rod/cylinder are worn
suction assembly is loose
replace tip
clean or replace filters/screens
clean intake valve
replace intake ball
worn /damaged packings – take in for service
thin material as per label recommendation
use heavier gauge cord
use suitable sprayer
take in for service
Fluid leaking from top of suction valve o-ring on bottom of cylinder is damaged replace o-ring
Fluid leaking from top of piston packings need to be adjusted
packings and/or piston rod worn
adjust packings
replace worn parts
Gun spits at end of spray pass paint is setting up between ball and seat (latex paint) flush unit thoroughly to clean gun, use flotrol and thin paint
Gun leaks when not being triggered worn ball or seat replace with gun repair kit
Tip keeps plugging up tip orifice is too small
gun filter is plugged
paint is dirty
install tip with a bigger orifice
clean or replace gun filter
strain product, clean gun filter
Poor spray pattern tip is too large, or worn out
tip is plugged
pressure set too low
gun filter is plugged
product is too thick
sprayer is too small for product being sprayed
use correct tip size
clear tip
turn up pressure
clean or replace gun filter
thin product as per label directions
use a sprayer that will handle the tip recommended for product
Gun will not spray tip is plugged
gun filter or inline filter is plugged
trigger lock is on
reverse tip and clean out
clean or replace gun filter or inline filter
take trigger lock off