Airlessco SP 340

$749.00 $650.00

These entry-level sprayers spray a variety of interior and exterior oil- and water-based coatings. They’re ideal for the contractor who sprays occassionally or has one big job, or for a homeowner painting the whole house. Compact, lightweight piston pumps make these sprayers easy to move around the job site, and the Quick Repair Pump on the SP340 and SP380 lets you repair the pump on the spot and keep moving.


  • Pump directly from 1 or 5-gallon paint container
  • Power-piston pump with Quick Repair Pump system and long life
  • InstaClean pump filter helps remove debris, reducing tip plugs and providing a better finish
  • Convenient cart to move sprayer and paint together
  • Pressure control with user-friendly symbols for simple selection of operating modes
  • PowerPlug cord-end lights up to indicate good power source