Titan Maxum II Gun



Increased internal air passages for greater flow, higher pressure and the ability to handle heavier coatings. Optional air inlets provide non-bleed to bleed conversion for greater versatility. Solvent-proof Teflon seals no swelling. External packing nut adjustment for easy access. Multi-position pick-up tube fore longer use without refill. 2-stage trigger ( Air and Material ). Capspray®’s Maxum II non-bleeder gun provides 15% better atomization – the finest in the industry. It atomizes a wider variety of coatings while allowing you to work at greater speeds with less fatigue. Multi-Position “click-in” 3-position aircap. Stainless steel needle and nozzle. Cleanable, replaceable check valve. Multi-position swiveling pick-up tube. Comes with a #3 Proset