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Benefits of our Airless Paint Sprayer Services
  • Eliminate downtime by your workers spent on repair services
  • Low labor cost on repair work
  • Typical service rates for an electric airless repair range from $60.00 – $70.00

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Features of our Airless Paint Sprayer Repair Services
  • Replace the most common problem parts as well as additional parts that may have contributed to your airless paint sprayers breakdown like drive shafts that have become damaged due to heavy use
  • In house testing to ensure equipment is restored to working condition
  • If desired we offer Customer testing of the repaired airless paint sprayer in our facility to confirm it works properly

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With factory trained mechanics and a large stock of repair parts at hand, we are an AUTHORIZED WARRANTY REPAIR CENTER for Graco, Titan, Mi-T-M, and TriTech brand sprayers, pressure washers, and other related painting equipment and accessories.

We service all types of paint application equipment from pneumatic pumps, gas, hydraulic and electric, airless and air-assisted pumps, conventional systems, HVLP, and electrostatics.

We provide the best turn-around times for equipment repair in Los Angeles/Southern California– typically 1-7 Days, depending on the extent of the repair and the availability of parts.