How do you know when to replace tips?All tips will wear out in time depending on the abrasiveness of the material. The more abrasive the material, the faster the tip will wear out. Latex for example, will start to wear the tip out anywhere from 40-50 gallons. Stains, being less abrasive, will last longer.
What hose should I use with my pressure roller?Since you only need up to a couple hundred psi for a pressure roller you can use a smaller 3/16″ diameter hose to start with and, depending on your application, such as if you are only painting one average-sized room, you may even be able to use a shorter hose such as a 25′ or even a 15′. Remember that less hose equals less clean-up.
My airless spray hose sprung a leak, how should I repair it?You should not attempt to repair it. Discard it and get a new one. Airless paint sprayer hoses are built for high pressure, typically around 3300 PSI which, unlike the typical garden hose which is around 40-60 psi, can cause serious injury. A damaged sprayer hose can greatly increase your chance of injury – what is your health worth to you? Also, remember to not kink or over-bend hoses or use hoses to pull the sprayer.
How often should I clean my airless sprayer?After every use! And thoroughly! Be sure to also clean the filters, housing, gun and tip.