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Picking The Right Commercial Gas Pressure Washer

As a professional, you know what you need in a pressure washer – power and reliability.

Although professional power washers aren’t cheap, the investment is worthwhile when it earns you money for years to come.

Gas Cold Water

Professional gas cold water power washers offer high-quality, commercial pumps, coupled with reliable, commercial engines. If you’re a professional who needs to pressure wash everyday, or a consumer who demands the most from your equipment, you’ll love these units.

Don’t try to be a hot-shot and use the spray gun one-handed; it has a lot of cleaning power and you might hurt yourself. Also, be careful not to stand too close to the things you’re cleaning so you don’t damage them with the robust cleaning power.

Gas Hot Water

Professional gas hot water pressure washers are big, brawny machines, capable of tackling the worst messes. They come mounted to sturdy 4-wheel carts to handle their size and weight. Look for units with adjustable pressure and temperature for optimal versatility.

Hot water is just more effective at removing stains. Why? The hotter the temperature, the lower the surface tension of water. Hot water contains fast moving, or excited, particles. This means the molecules spread apart, making it easier to expand and then loosen a stain. In addition, hot water can more quickly cut through grease and it effectively kills bacteria and microorganisms.

Gas Belt Drive

Professional gas belt-drive pressure washers have engines similar to cars. They usually require less upkeep and maintenance than other engines and run more quietly as well.

If you’re using one of these to clean a driveway, don’t hold it too close – you could put a hole right in it. These belt-drive units are designed for contractors who need to run them 40+ hours a week, so they’re built to take a lickin’ and keep on kickin’.

Benefits of Belt Drive

  • Vibration Absorption
  • Lower RPM
  • Lower Operating Temperature
  • Longer Life


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