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Pressure Washer Maintenance

Taking the time to examine and clean your pressure washer and accessories, both before and after each use, will help you avoid performance problems and save money on parts and repair. Refer to your operator’s manual for special guidelines appropriate to your pressure washer make and model.

Prior to Each Use

Follow these steps before each use to ensure the unit’s in proper working order.

1. Check the “o rings” on the ends of your high pressure hose for wear and tear. Damaged o rings can cause serious problems including leaking and even injury during use. If one is damaged, replace it before use.

2. Check the nozzle at the end of your wand to make certain it’s locked securely in place.

3. Be careful never to plug the nozzle with debris, dirt, or anything else.

4. Make sure, if you’re using a gas pressure washer, that you have fresh gas and oil in it before starting it. Don’t use gas that’s been sitting in the tank since last season. If you have old gas, add some stabilizer and top it off with fresh gasoline.

5. Check your spark plug for corrosion. If you have a corroded spark plug, it could cause difficulty starting, and inefficiency during use. Replace corroded spark plugs prior to using.

6. Keep the spray nozzle open while the unit’s running. Leaving it running with the nozzle closed will build up pressure within the hose, and could cause damage.

7. Don’t run the pressure washer without an adequate amount of water. Not having enough water in your unit can cause the pressure to increase too much.

After Each Use

Follow these steps after each use to ensure dependability of the unit.

1. Switch the power to “off” and unplug the unit. Always do this first to avoid injury or damage to the washer.

2. Locate the chemical/detergent intake and clean it thoroughly with water. Make sure any residue or buildup is rinsed clean and the water running out of the intake is clear.

3. Wash away dirt and grime from the inside of the pressure washer to prevent any erratic behavior while it’s in use.

4. Drain all excess water out before storing. Water left inside can attract insects, grow mold, and produce bacteria.

5. Store your pressure washer somewhere away from the elements where it can stay well ventilated and out of the sun, rain, and snow. Make sure it’s not accessible to children who could injure themselves.

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